We function as a portal for access to information about local health services in the city of Coventry.

People in need of healthcare are often presented with many choices of local sources of treatment, from the many doctor’s surgeries to the numerous private practices of chiropractors and therapists in an urban area like Coventry.

We aim to provide information to help people identify the best treatment providers for their particular needs in Coventry.

Get Listed

If you have a private medical practice or are a manager of an NHS medical facility within the Coventry city limits and you want to get listed on here, you can contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

We do however have certain criteria for determining whether a facility and medical practitioner are fit to be included in our network:

  • You must have a recognized qualification from an accredited training/qualification provider in your industry and be licensed to work by the legislative bodies of your profession. In the case of an NHS doctor this will be a medical degree and a license to practice medicine, in the case of a fitness professional like a personal trainer, this will be a Discovery accredited personal trainer course or a level 3 fitness qualification from some other recognized provider.
  • If private sector, you or the facility you work for must have limited liability insurance so that anyone who is injured under your care or who suffers in some way that is determined to be your fault will receive whatever compensation is owed to them. Insurance is necessary for your economic protection as well as that of anyone under your care.
  • If private sector, you must not have a criminal offence on your record that is not considered spent, and you must not currently be under investigation from any form of medical ethics board.


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Benefits of Training Tools


Training and bodybuilding are arduous undertakings for anybody. For this reason it is important to acquire training tools to help you in your effort. I am referring to physical and mental training tools. Mental training tools are things like discipline, goal-setting and positive attitude, which will be covered separately. The physical training tools, which we are discussing here, are the equipment you use in your training and the location where you train.

Let’s run through some of the most useful physical training tools:

  1. Treadmill – a treadmill, or running machine, is extremely useful because it allows you to run and get in your cardio workout even if a suitable running environment cannot be found where you live.
  2. Steel supports: Another exercise device, utilized in numerous workouts torso, of arms, back. It’s two stops to aid dumbells which may be raised down and up. The loads nevertheless can differ to 50 lbs one aspect from 2.5 lbs. Certainly it’s among the main and exercise resources that are essential.
  3. Dumbbells: that one is mainly utilized due to the Easy To-manage-character. It’s a device that is very pleasant. The fat differs to around 25 lbs from 1 kg. For females, it’s inadvisable to raise dumbbells beyond 2 lbs however for males they are able to utilize it to nearly 25 kg. While heavy-weight may bulge muscles lightweight increases endurance.
  4. Shake: That Is solely a physical device, the top that will constantly shake to burn your excess fat around stomach Thais, belly and torso. It may be utilized by both women and men.
  5. Paddler: intended for both types of sex, that one is certain increase endurance and your power. What all that’s necessary to complete is simply exercise the equipment using the aid of one’s thighs supplied the toes mounted on the bottom. Additionally, it is just a cardiovascular exercise.
  6. Gym Period: Designed With a distance-measuring metre, this really is another cardio work out by which you’ve to maneuver the cycle’s paddles fast while you could. The quicker you experience more the calories is likely to be burned.

These training devices and tools ought to be managed carefully and under appropriate instruction because they can be large and quite boring. It may harm muscle tissue producing discomfort and pain or even taken care precisely.